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Basic information

Food Plus Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia

This is an innovative, market-driven and socially-inclusive agribusiness which is specialised in the production, processing, packaging, branding and distribution of high quality organic smoked fish products. Food Plus Zambia carefully selects only the highest quality fish. The company does not add any artificial flavours, additives or preservatives to its products. Food Plus Zambia supplies its products to various leading retail stores in Zambia.

Work at Food Plus Zambia?
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Processing and distribution

Food Plus Zambia produces, processes, packages, brands and distributes tasty organic smoked fish products. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for producing some of the finest products. With a natural flavour and texture, blended with careful curing, Food Plus Zambia processes the best smoked fish products.

Food Plus Zambia identifies and gets its fish only from suppliers who follow all regulations and standards set to ensure that only organic fish is purchased.

Since the company is innovative and constantly incorporating new technologies to improve organic smoked fish processing, it does not abandon the traditional foundation of their products.

Food Plus Zambia’s process is built on smoking all of its products slowly, using only natural hardwoods. The company does not use any artificial smoke flavouring, allowing it to produce tasty and organic products.

Food Plus Zambia endeavours to deliver sustainable social-economic value among its supply chain which includes suppliers, shareholders and customers. The company stands behind all its products and is confident that it provides superior quality smoked fish products to its customers.

Processing and distribution

Food Plus Zambia Processing and distribution