Kalimba Reptile Park

Great for a group excursion or family day out, Kalimba Reptile Park is a popular attraction offering lots of ‘scaly’ sites and activities including fishing. Nestling in the lush basin of the Ngwerere stream, this is a top tourist place that offers a fun filled day out for locals as well as visitors. The reptile park is an extension of Kalimba Farms which specialises in pig, fish, dairy and crocodile farming. Kalimba Reptile Park is now self sufficient in crocodile egg production.


Attractions in Lusaka, Zambia

At Kalimba Reptile Park you’ll experience giant Nile crocodiles, as well as indigenous snakes, tortoises and other reptiles. It's also one of the few places left in the world where you can see the rare and shy slender-nosed crocodile. There are also plenty of other activities to fill your time, or to entertain the kids if you’d rather relax by the pool.
  • Well displayed information about the reptiles
  • Trained guides available
  • Very popular destination for school trips and group day trips
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There is well displayed information about the reptiles in the park. Visitors will go away having had a real life experience with these potentially deadly creatures – creatures you really wouldn’t want to encounter in their natural habitat!

Challenge your friends to a round of crazy golf or to reeling in the biggest fish. There’s also a volleyball court, a trampoline, a pool table and table tennis facilities. The grounds are well laid out with many beautiful spots in the sun or shade.

Refreshments, braiis (BBQs) and picnics
Ever sampled a Croc burger? Well, now’s your chance! It’s very popular served piping hot, irresistible to those with an adventurous palate – though they say it tastes just like chicken! Other tasty grilled food is available such as beef, pork and fish, all of which are farm-reared right next door. Ice creams are sold at reception, together with soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Food and snacks are produced from the farm ensuring freshness and quality.

The Kalimba Farm has a farm shop offering a range of products at farm prices. Products include bream, croc tail, chops and sausages in your braai or take them home with you!

Braai ingredients are on offer as well as charcoal. Braai stands are free of charge.

Full bar facilities are available (personal drinks are not permitted).

Entry charges
Entry charges are ZMW40 for adults and ZMW20 for children aged 14 and below. Entry is free for children below the age of 2.

Large groups of over 20 are given a discount. Rates are ZMW35 per adult and ZMW15 for children.

For school visits and educational trips, children above the age of 14 are charged ZMW35 and children below 14 pay ZMW15. For every 10 children in the group, one teacher gets a free entry. (Discounts are not available on Sundays or public holidays.)

How to get to Kalimba Farms
Kalimba is 20km north east of Lusaka. There are two possible points of access:

  • From Great East Road head towards the airport and turn left immediately after the Engen Filling Station just before Chelston water tower. Carry on straight till you cross a small stream and at the T Junction just up the hill, turn right. Kalimba is 800m on the right
  • From the Great North Road heading towards Kabwe there is a permanent Police Road Block at Kabangwe, just out of Lusaka. About 1km past this just before the crest of a hill there is a right turn at Ngwerere. Take third turn and carry on straight for 10km and you will find Kalimba on the right just after Ellensdale School

Crocodile breeding
The laying season is temperature determined and usually takes place in September and October. The larger crocodiles are the breeders. The eggs are removed to be incubated and hatch in December each year.

Kalimba Reptile Park fees

  • Adults entry: ZMW35
  • Children under 14 entry: ZMW20
  • Group rates available

What you’ll see and things to do

  • Giant crocodiles
  • Deadly snakes
  • Tortoises
  • Fishing
  • Crazy golf
  • Volley ball
  • Swimming pool
  • Trampolines
  • Food and refreshments
  • Picnic sites

Fishing in Lusaka, Zambia

One of the most popular activities at Kalimba Reptile Park is a full day of fishing in the ponds that are open to the public. Visitors can hire fishing tackle including rod, line, hooks and bait, and then braai (bbq) their catch for a picnic in the park. Individuals and groups are more than welcome to fish all year round.
  • Healthy fishing, competition and a relaxing day of fun
  • All catches need to be weighed and paid for at reception
  • Farm shop available on the premises
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The farm operates a mono-sex culture, which means that they only keep male fish since they grow faster than the females. The small female fish are fed to the hatchling crocodiles on the crocodile farm.

Pig, fish, dairy and crocodile farming in Lusaka, Zambia

Specialising in pig, fish, dairy and crocodile farming, Kalimba Farms supplies pork, Tilapia (Bream), milk, crocodile meat, as well as oil. The farm also breeds crocodiles for the crocodile skin export market. Kalimba Farms was the first in the world to integrate crocodile farming with aquaculture.
  • Tilapia, milk, crocodile meat, oil and skin
  • Major crocodile skin exporters
  • The first to integrate crocodile farming with aquaculture
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Kalimba Reptile Park opened its doors to the public in March 1995 in response to the many requests Kalimba Farm received from the public to view the crocodiles that had been brought to Kalimba Farm in 1985.

The farm was the first in the world to integrate crocodile farming with aquaculture whereby the natural waste of ducks is used to improve the plankton in the water that forms the normal diet of some of the Tilapia species of fish. These fish, called bream in Zambia, are then grown on the farm.

Kalimba Farm operate on a ‘mono-sex’ culture, which means that they only keep the male fish as they grow faster than the females. Kalimba Farm is the only farm in Zambia that specialises in Three Spot Bream, the so called ‘Royal’ Tilapia because of its sweet and delicate taste.

The large crocodiles that you will have seen on your tour are Kalimba Farm’s breeders and the farm is now self-sufficient in egg production. The laying season is temperature determined and usually takes place in September / October. The eggs are removed to be incubated and hatch out in December.

At Kalimba Farms, you can purchase:

  • Bream (Tilapia)
  • Duck
  • Pork Chops
  • Sausages
  • Croc tail
  • Croc oil
  • Croc Skin
  • Milk

Contact information

Ngwerere, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 38267, Lusaka, Zambia
Enquire below
+260 211 847190
+260 967 213272

Opening times

09:00 – 18:00
09:00 – 18:00
09:00 – 18:00
09:00 – 18:00
09:00 – 18:00
09:00 – 18:00
09:00 – 18:00