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Keren Motors provides bulk transportation, logistics and haulage for dry cargo, petroleum products and bulk mining material. They have the largest fleet of tanker trailers for the transportation of petroleum products and other wet cargo. The company also provides a wide range of services for industries including plant hire for the mining sector, including graders, dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators and other earth moving machines. They have built a comprehensive range of industrial services including the fabrication of fuel tanks, underground storage tanks, plant installation and general engineering services.

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Haulage and Logistics in Lusaka, Zambia

Keren Motors has a multitude of trucks, mechanical horses, open trailers, flatbed trailers and box trucks for short, medium and long distance haulage of goods. The haulage services extend around Zambia and the region including the East, Central and Southern African region.

  • Largest fleet of tanker trailers in the country
  • Logistics and the bulk transportation
  • Services extend around Zambia and the region
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Keren Motors in Lusaka, Zambia provides bulk transportation, logistics and haulage for dry cargo, petroleum products and bulk mining material. They have Zambia’s largest fleet of tanker trailers for the transportation of petroleum products and other wet cargo as registered by the Energy Regulation Board.

This Zambian owned company has been offering this haulage and logistics services since 1987. Keren Motors customers include BP Zambia, Lafarge Cement, Konkola Copper Mines, Independent Petroleum Group (Kuwait), World Food Programme and the Food Reserve Agency.

The traditional business of Keren Motors is logistics and the bulk transportation of dry cargo for a multitude of customers, and petroleum products on behalf of oil marketing companies. The trucks and trailer tankers are largely in the legend or colour scheme of the company for whom the petroleum product is being transported. Dry cargo rangers from food products (mainly for United Nations agencies such as UNICEF, the World Food Programme and the Food Reserve Agency), coal and other industrial materials and goods. Keren Motors also offers a mining equipment and earth-moving service as well as metal engineering services.


Keren Motors haulage information

  • Dry cargo
  • Petroleum products
  • Bulk mining material
  • Haulage across Zambia
  • Covers east, central and southern African region

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Keren Motors has mining and earth-moving contracts with large copper mining companies on Zambia’s Copperbelt such as Konkola Copper Mine. Keren Motors also mines and transports quantities of limestone for Lafarge’s large cement plants, offers general haulage and metal fabrication services.

The Keren Motor’s fleet of plant for hire includes:

  • Volvo, Terex and BELL articulated dump trucks
  • Komatsu and Caterpillar excavators and wheel loaders
  • Komatsu bulldozers, graders and assorted compactors

Health and safety

Keren Motors has put in place the necessary systems to manage, control and wherever possible eliminate all hazards relating to the hire of mining and earth moving plant. The health and safety of employees is a key consideration of the company.


Keren Motors plant hire information

  • A full range of plant available for hire
  • Geared to the copper mining and cement industry
  • Articulated dump trucks from BELL, Terex and Volvo
  • Komatsu bulldozers, compactors and loaders
  • Komatsu graders and other earth moving machines
  • Caterpillar excavators

Metal fabrication and parts in Lusaka, Zambia Work here? Upgrade to add information about this service

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Primarily Keren Motors manufacture and sell bulk fuel tanks and underground storage tanks, but can make up other metal items to order.

Central to the industrial sector is plant and equipment and Keren Motors fits and installs plant for various industries. In addition the company transports dry cargo, petroleum products and bulk mining material, and hires out mining plant.

Investing in development

Keren Motors is a Zambian-owned company that has invested heavily in its large fleet of fuel tankers, the mining plant it has available for hire as well as its engineering workshops and equipment. The company plans to continue investing in mining related projects in order to do its part in the development of Zambia and the region.


Keren Motors metal fabrication information

  • Manufacturer of bulk tanks
  • Manufacturer of fuel tanks
  • Manufacturer of underground storage tanks
  • Industrial plant installation
  • General engineering services

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