Metropolitan School


The Metropolitan pre-school accepts children from the age of three to six, offering nursery, middle class and pre-grade classes. Metropolitan School is a well respected co-education school offering primary school where grade seven pupils sit for Examination Council of Zambia examinations. Metropolitan offers secondary school education from grade eight to eleven. At grade nine pupils sit ECZ exams and at grade eleven the pupils sit Cambridge International G.C.E O levels exams.  

The team of teachers at the Metropolitan Pre-School aim to offer warmth, care and stimulation to the young children who join the pre-school. The pre-school is seen as the foundation from which their students develop and special care is taken to cultivate a desire to learn. This is balanced with lots of learning through play.
  • Accepts children from the age of 3 to 6
  • Low student-teacher ratios
  • Safe environment
Metropolitan Primary School is run by a team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff specifically employed to help develop the mind of these primary school students. The school has successfully maintained high standards in moulding the characters of young minds.
  • Well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff
  • Clubs for music, cultural dance and more
  • Free extra remedial classes
The Metropolitan Secondary School team of teachers is dedicated to offering students the opportunity to learn within a positive but strict environment that encourages the mind to ask questions. The team are well qualified, and experienced, and this is supported by the school’s long history.
  • Successfully maintained high standards in moulding the characters of young minds
  • Well equipped science lab, computer room and library
  • Career guidance