Restless Development Zambia


Restless Development Zambia works with national volunteers to focus on recruiting and placing national volunteers, from inside their own countries.They review their strategic strength as the experts in engaging young people as well as assess the most urgent need and move away from formal education and instead engage young people full time in tackling: HIV/AIDS, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, unemployment and the absence of young people in decision-making roles, delivering high quality programmes in communities.

Restless Development Zambia has earned a reputation for high quality delivery of programmes led full time by young people. The youth-led development approach has been repeatedly cited as the best practice by the World Bank, UNAIDS, UNICEF and other international institutions.
  • Programmes led by young people
  • They work with national volunteers
  • They focus on need
Restless Development work to ensure that young people are engaging in safe sexual and reproductive practices that lead to healthy lives. Working in Zambia where young people are most profoundly affected by HIV/AIDS, they are committed to improving their access to sexual health education and services.
  • Empowering young people to make responsible, healthy choices
  • Young people can and must be part of the solution
  • Helping growing youth populations to get health education
Restless Development empower young people with the skills, inspiration and resources to take up productive livelihoods and employment opportunities that contribute not only to their household income, but to the economies of their wider communities and countries.
  • Youth are among the highest unemployment rates
  • Employment essential to harness opportunities for economic growth
  • Searches out talented youth-led and youth-serving organisations
Young people are too often excluded from or overlooked in the decision-making processes that directly impact their lives, communities and countries. Restless Development are committed to ensuring that governments and policy makers recognise and support the active role of young people in society at all levels.
  • Young people taking a leadership role
  • Supported by government, communities, businesses and civil societies
  • Addressing the most urgent issues