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Temwani School

Lusaka, Zambia

Temwani School is a Christian academy that was established in 2004 to provide an inspiring learning environment for children. This school is focussed on laying a firm foundation on which children grow to become significant and effective citizens so they can 'soar like eagles'. Teamwani School offers a Zambian curriculum with internationally based subjects. The school is a multi-cultural environment in which pupils can grow to understand other people and cultures in a natural setting.

Work at Temwani School?
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Temwani School provides early childhood education to children between the ages of three and five. The school has a low student to teacher ratio, allowing teachers to give each pupil quality individual attention. The classes are kept small, and children are encouraged to learn through play.  

The school provides a learning environment that is social in nature and generates a stimulating climate for its pupils. Interaction with fellow pupils helps children develop the interpersonal skills necessary to work and learn cooperatively.

Staff at this pre-school encourage children to grow as individuals through play and other activities. The school seeks to encourage standards of behaviour in partnership with parents.

Temwani School provides play and guided learning. This style helps pupils develop skills that will prepare them for the future. Temwani School believes that childhood is a time for fun, exploration and self-discovery. Hence the school environment encourages a love for learning and provides opportunities to explore new concepts and ideas. Through active exploration and interaction with materials, peers and teachers, pupils develop physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. Activities and subjects include:

The Maths curriculum exposes the pupils to fundamental mathematical concepts such as colour, shapes, sorting and patterns.

This curriculum promotes pupils natural motivation to explore and learn about the world around them. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn about the nature of science through experiments and theme-based activities.

Social Studies
Pupils begin to explore themes in a variety of ways including retelling sequences of events, exploring the roles of others, gaining understanding from changing times and seasons, and the characteristics of good citizenship. These themes are woven through daily routines and units of study in other areas.

Information Technology
Pupils use programmable toy robots to support their learning. In a fun and playful way, pupils are introduced to basic programming commands, causes and effects, directional control and problem solving.

The Art curriculum provides pupils the opportunity to experiment with a variety of art materials and techniques. Pupils are given the opportunity to create their own art using a wide variety of resources, as well as developing their fine motor skills.

Pupils start to explore sounds through both their voices and instruments. Free play, creative movement and games are used throughout the year for students to become more comfortable with their musical environment. Themes in music are planned to coincide with units of study in other areas.

Physical Education
The physical education curriculum is designed to create enthusiasm and promote the child’s first contact and involvement with organised physical activities. The classes are broken into types of activity that may include: the obstacle course, manipulative skills, games and gymnastics.

English and French
Young children often pick up new languages quickly, and attending French classes is a benefit to most pupils.

Temwani School services

  • Early childhood for children between the ages of three and five
  • Zambian curriculum with internationally based subjects
  • Provides for the needs of each individual child
  • Computer application subjects

Temwani School Pre-school

Primary school

Temwani School offers a Zambian curriculum with internationally based subjects. The school boasts of a 100% pass rate in grade 7 since it began in 2004! Temwani School encourages students to participate in different sporting activities, culture, art and music to help them discover their talent and skills.  

Temwani is one of Zambia’s highest ranked schools, providing its pupils with a quality rounded education.

The school staff make sure each pupil receives individual attention to make the most of learning opportunities. It also provides an environment that exposes pupils to new technology and academic competition.

Children are given opportunities to experiment, investigate, express opinions, be challenged and taught to make informed choices. Temwani School emphasises the importance of working independently and collaboratively.

Moral values
Temwani School provides a safe, secure and sustainable learning environment where children feel valued and happy. Through Christian values and teaching, pupils learn about the importance of moral values such as honesty, respect, tolerance, sincerity, trust and personal responsibility. Temwani School celebrates diversity and ensures equality of opportunity.

The school offers a Zambian curriculum with internationally based subjects. The curriculum is comprehensive and balanced. Teachers take a creative approach when planning lessons. The school also offers French, computer studies, music and theatre.

Sports activities
Temwani School offers sporting activities that include swimming, football, rugby, volleyball and netball. The campus pitch provides a spacious and safe environment for players.

The school’s partnership with parents
Through PTA consultative meetings parents have a vital role to play in the decision making process for school programs and developments. Temwani School provide efficient one on one communication between the parents and the school to keep parents aware of their child’s progress. Parents are also encouraged to make suggestions to the school.

Primary school

Temwani School Primary school