Zambia Festival of Action

Zambia Festival of Action is an ongoing awareness campaign to fight Zambia’s deforestation and highlight environmental issues, with an annual 3-week festival of action to give it extra momentum. It was successfully launched in 2012 by Greenpop, a social organisation based in South Africa. Over 7,000 trees have been planted so far. The fundraising event is a collaborative education project perfect for those interested in volunteering, who have a specific skill they would like to share with others.


Charity in Livingstone, Zambia

You can get involved in this organisation by volunteering for 1, 2 or 3 weeks, supporting the project by purchasing trees to be planted on the project an excellent option for both individual and corporate sponsorship, fundraising to help this company buy trees to plant you could even win yourself a free placement on the even.
  • Launched by Greenpop
  • A registered NGO in Zambia
  • Yearly tree planting campaign
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In the past 2 years, and in partnership with local authorities and NGOs, this organisation has planted over 7000 trees with volunteers from both Zambia and around the world. In 2014 the project will run from 15 June 2014 to 6 July 2014 in Livingstone, Zambia – a stone’s throw from the mighty Victoria Falls. To get an idea about the project, watch this short video, made by Makhulu Productions.

About Zambia Festival of Action
Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. This project aims to be part of the solution. Here’s how:

  • Trees are bought from local suppliers (large and small)
  • The trees planted are selected with care, to provide something positive to the community
  • Educational workshops are run for school children and adults
  • Micro tree nurseries are set up and Zambia Festival of Action buys back trees from these small enterprises, helping to stimulate local business
  • Schools get involved, and this year sees the launch of the ‘one child, one tree’ school program – every school child in the program is made responsible for a tree and taught how to care for it
  • Conservation farming methods are taught and promoted
  • Media campaigns are run to raise awareness
  • Zambia Festival of Action collaborates and works with local authorities and organisations

Zambia Festival of Action is registered as a local NGO, with a base in Livingstone. Still have questions about Greenpop or Zambia Festival of Action? Greenpop’s website is packed with fascinating content. Visit them at and get involved.

Contact information

Livingstone Way, Livingstone, Zambia
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