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Phil Opticians offer two kinds of membership - corporate and individual. Members are offered free eye diagnosis, 10% discounts on all orders, and access to products and services with 30 days credit. Phil Opticians has a modern optical laboratory that enables it to deliver quality spectacles and contact lenses.
Patients covered by health medical schemes whether it is an individual or corporate scheme, are welcome to use Tokyo Optician facilities. The clinic presently have agreements with a number of leading insurance firms. Its mission is to provide quality, efficient and safe care utilising accepted practices and latest technology.

Health and medical schemes in Zambia

Each medical aid scheme has various choices that represent different rates of contribution, and therefore a different level of medical aid cover and freedom afforded to members when choosing healthcare providers. These services are often provide by an insurance company and paid for by an employer. Find the companies that provide best health care cover across a number of different medical aid plans. Find a medical scheme for all in-hospital and large expenses and cover for day-to-day claims for GPs, specialists, acute medicine, radiology, pathology, dentistry and optical benefits is provided by the scheme from the insurers.