Phil Opticians provides all types of lenses, according to the recommendations of a qualified doctor. They stock a range of modern designer frames in both plastic and metal whilst lenses are offered in both plastic and glass. Phil Opticians is the authorised dealer in Zambia for Reebok and Specsavers, a high street brand in the UK.
Qualified specialist opticians
After sales service
A good choice of frames and lens options

The motto of the company is 'Eye sight is a gift from God, we will help you to preserve it.' Their mission is to provide state-of-the-art eye care facility within the country, with the latest available technology worldwide, and to provide personalised services to the customer in a very friendly, safe and conducive atmosphere.

Phil Opticians offer a range of high quality optical products including designer frames such as: Gucci, CK, Emporio Armani, Lexis, Guess, TomFord, Prada, Vogue, Titanium, Boss, Dior, Police, Tommy Hilfiger, D&G, Christian Dior and Ray Ban. Both frames and lenses are priced to accommodate different kinds of budgets. Lenses are available in both plastic and glass. Types of lenses in stock include:

  • Glass photochromic
  • CR transition
  • CR tint
  • Bifocal
  • Progressive
  • Special anti-reflective coated lenses (for computer use)
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • Polarized anti-glare lenses for driving
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Hard and soft contact lenses

Contact lens solutions and lens cleaners are also available.


Diagnosis is carried out by qualified specialists who make their own independent judgments about the state of a client's sight with the aid of modern computerised eye diagnosis equipment. Diagnosis is done from 08:30 hours to 18:30 hours. Phil Opticians have a team of experienced support staff who operate as front office executives. They are able to provide clients with information on primary eye care, advising them on the recommended curative actions.

Laboratory services

Phil Opticians' laboratory has some of the best state-of-the-art modern equipment for optical fittings that includes:

  • Tinting of spectacles lens to sun shade colour
  • Layout blocker
  • Automatic glazing machine
  • Lens grooving machine for rimless frame
  • Auto pattern maker
  • Lens polishing

After sale services

Phil Opticians provides clients with an after sales service at a very minimal (and sometimes free) cost. Some of these services include:

  • Screw replacement
  • Lens transfers
  • Re-examination of members (free of charge)

Registered with the Health Professions Council of Zambia and ZAPA, this company has seven branches conveniently located in Zambia.


Arcades Shopping Mall

Unit No. 28, Great East Road

P.O. Box 37677, Lusaka, Zambia

Tel: +260211250430

Cell: +260 955 250430

East Park Mall/UNZA, Lusaka

Great East Road

Tel: +260 211 377835

Cell: +260 953 883746

Twin Palm Shopping Mall, Lusaka

Unit No. 14A Avondale

Tel: +260 211 280005

Cell: +260 955 282805

Woodlands Shopping Mall, Lusaka

Unit No. 12 corner of Chisanga/Chindo roads

Tel: +260 211 267202

Cell: +260 950 350296

Crossroads Shopping Mall, Lusaka

Unit No. 6 Leopards Hill

Tel: +260 211 260140

Cell: +260 950 350295

Cosmopolitan Mall, Lusaka

Cell: +260 950 368781

Town Outlet, Lusaka

Cairo road, next to Phil Photo

Tel: +260 211 225572

Cell: +260 950 350294

Mukuba Mall, Kitwe

Unit No. 52 Moppal Street

Tel: +260 212 280071

Their shops are open on Sundays and Public holidays from 10:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs.

Health and medical schemes

Phil Opticians offer two kinds of membership - corporate and individual. Members are offered free eye diagnosis, 10% discounts on all orders, and access to products and services with 30 days credit. Phil Opticians has a modern optical laboratory that enables it to deliver quality spectacles and contact lenses.
Team of experienced support staff
Spectacles delivered within 24 hours
Free eye diagnosis available for corporate members

The company has a team of experienced support staff who operate as front office executives. They are able to provide clients with information on primary eye care.

Corporate membership

Phil Opticians encourages companies to look after their employees by including eye care in their medical schemes. Corporate members have access to all products and services with a minimum of 30 days credit. Corporate clients include insurance companies, Government institutions and also private medical institutions. Some of Phil Opticians' corporate clients:

  • Bank of Zambia
  • Embassy of Sweden
  • Medlink
  • Professional Life Insurance
  • Road Development Agency
  • TN Medical
  • Zambia Air force
  • Zambia Army
  • Zambia State Insurance Company

Individual membership

Individuals are issued with membership cards which highlight all the benefits that come with membership including free eye diagnosis and 10% discounts on all orders. Individual members have the privilege of also using their membership card for their family members and friends to enjoy the same benefits as the card holder.

Service delivery

Placing a high value on time, Phil Opticians ensure that eye tests take as little time as possible. Members should reserve at least 6 minutes for an eye test, although each case requires different clinical attention depending on its nature. Lenses from stock, and special lenses such as bifocal, progressive and high prescription lenses, also take 24 hours. For special cases, Phil Opticians is able to import lenses that are not available in store, this usually takes about two weeks.


Diagnosis is carried out by qualified specialists who make their own independent judgements about the state of a client's sight, with the aid of modern computerised eye diagnosis equipment, together with clinical examination results.

Technical laboratory

The state of the art equipment includes:

  • Layout blocker
  • Tinting unit (as per client's choice of colour)
  • Lens grooving machines
  • Lens generating section
  • Lens polishing machine
  • Auto pattern machine
  • Lens meters
  • Auto glazing machine

Phil Opticians accepts the following cards for payment:

  • Professional Life Assurance
  • Madison health solutions
  • Mlife
  • Metropolitan
  • Sancare Medical Insurance Plan
  • Blue Insurances
  • Medlink
  • ZSIC Life
  • Focus Life Assurance
  • Zambia Army and Zambia Air Force
  • Zambia Revenue Authority
  • Liberty Health
  • TN Medical Support Services
  • Specialty Emergency Services
  • Debit and credit cards

Contact information

Unit 28 Great East Road, Arcades Shopping Mall, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 250430
Open today: 09:00-19:00
PO Box 37677, Lusaka, Zambia

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Other locations (11)
Unit 6 Leopards Hill Road, Crossroads Shopping Mall, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 260140
Po Box 37677 Lusaka, Zambia
Unit 2 Chisanga/Chindo roads, Woodlands Shopping Mall, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 267202
P.O Box 37677 Lusaka
Shop 7, Morton House Cairo Road, Town Center, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 228356
P.O Box 37677
Unit 14A Twinpalm Road, Twin Palm Shopping Mall, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 280005
Unit 11 Thabo Mbeki Road, East Park Mall, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 337835
Unit 28 Moppal Street, Mukuba Mall, Kitwe, Zambia
+260 212 280071
Kafue Road, Cosmopolitan Mall, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 950 368781
Shop No. 20, Jacaranda Mall, Ndola, Zambia
+260 954 071940
Kafue Road, Kafue River Mall, Kafue, Zambia
+260 957 074161
Shop No. 3,Shoprite,Mazabuka: Livingstone Road, Mazabuka, Zambia
+260 950 560777
Shop No. 14, Barotse Shopping Mall, Mongu, Zambia
+260 956 998184