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Afrivet is the sole distributor of the Ecomed International range of environmental health products, including high quality, environmentally friendly detergents, sanitisers, insecticides and spraying equipment. The company has invested in extensive warehousing to ensure it consistently meets customer needs throughout the country.
Eco Hazmat Solutions is experienced in industrial cleaning, site clean-ups, bio-remediation, incineration and hazardous waste disposal. It also provides oil traps and interceptors, and spill kits. The company offers a 24 hour specialised clean up service for asbestos removal, oil skimmers, oil absorbents, separators and tank cleaning.

Environmental health care in Zambia

Our health is significantly affected by various aspects of the natural and built environment in which we live. A growing number of Zambian businesses offer sustainable environmental services to assess and if necessary control these environmental factors. These include waste management facilities, environmental audits, hazardous waste disposal and fumigation products, as well as other environmental health care services. Other environmental health care companies help to keep the environment clean by offering water purification products and pest control services.