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Eco Hazmat Solutions Ltd

Eco Hazmat Solutions provides a complete range of environmental and cleaning services for Zambian industries as well as carrying out environmental audits and monitoring. Eco Hazmat Solutions offers safe and efficient solutions for the control, handling and disposal of hazardous materials. The company prides itself in providing an excellent service to its customers whilst maintaining environmental excellence in the choice of facilities used for final disposal.

Environmental health care

Eco Hazmat Solutions is experienced in industrial cleaning, site clean-ups, bio-remediation, incineration and hazardous waste disposal. It also provides oil traps and interceptors, and spill kits. The company offers a 24 hour specialised clean up service for asbestos removal, oil skimmers, oil absorbents, separators and tank cleaning.

Materials may be designated as "hazardous materials" when they pose a significant risk to people or property. Eco Hazmat Solutions will assist in the handing, storage, disposal or transportation of hazardous materials.

Eco Hazmat Solutions Ltd · Environmental health care

Industrial waste management

Catering for all waste streams, Eco Hazmat Solutions offers reliable and environmental friendly industrial waste management solutions. The company is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, making sure it meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements, standards and waste disposal best practices.

With vast expertise and up-to-date equipment, Eco Hazmat Solutions has established a reputation as one of the leading companies offering tailor-made and comprehensive industrial waste management solutions in Zambia. The company takes on its clients' complete waste management activity - off site or on-site. Eco Hazmat Solutions guarantees the best solutions in terms of technology and cost. The company has the necessary proficiency and resources to undertake complex waste projects efficiently. Services offered by Eco Hazmat Solutions

  • Environmental and pollution control Services
  • Supply of oil and chemical spill management equipment
  • Hazardous and Non-hazardous waste management and disposal
  • Environmental clean-up of spills at accident sites
  • Bio-remediation of polluted sites
  • Site rehabilitation and/or vegetation of accident sites
  • Desludging of oil traps and interceptors
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of oil traps and interceptors
  • PCB screening of transformer oil
  • Storage and/or disposal of contaminated oil
  • Monitoring and analysis of effluent
  • Environmental emergency response training
  • Provide Housekeeping services for industrial premises
  • Environmental Engineering works as requested by clients

Eco Hazmat Solutions Ltd · Industrial waste management

Industrial cleaning

Eco Hazmat Solutions can assist with all your clean up requirements. They provide specialised clean up services such as asbestos removal, oil skimmers, oil absorbents, separators and tank cleaning. Eco Hazmat Solutions has developed effective and unique cleaning solutions.

Eco Hazmat Solutions offers a comprehensive range of pollution control products to help you maintain a safe and healthy working environment and meet environmental legislation. Eco Hazmat Solutions offers a 24 hour spill clean up response services and specialised clean up services such as asbestos removal, bio remediation, oil skimmers, oil absorbents, spill kits, separators and tank cleaning.

Eco Hazmat Solutions Ltd · Industrial cleaning