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Animal health products

Afrivet Zambia markets high quality, environmentally friendly ectoparasiticides (dips and sprays), endoparasiticides (dewormers), anti-microbials, biologicals, dairy hygiene, feed enhancers and a host of stock remedies. They offer products for treatment of horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.
Speedy order delivery to customers throughout the country
Various dewormers, dips and sprays for animals
Dairy hygiene products

For advice on specific products, contact Afrivet Animal Health Specialist Chris Rogers on email:

Antibiotics (Tetracyclines injectable)

Ultratet LA

Treatment of tick-borne gall sickness (anaplasmosis), heartwater, pneumonia, foot rot, joint-ill and navel-ill in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.

Withdrawal period

  • Meat - 28 days
  • Milk - 5 days

External parasite remedies (Plunge and spray)

Ecotraz 250 – Amitraz 25% m/v

Controls ticks and kills lice and mange mites on cattle. Kills sheep scab mites and kills itch mites and goat mange on sheep and goats. It has a detaching effect on ticks and is Oxpecker compatible.

  • Cattle – Spray 1l/1000l water, boost with 100ml/200 head after 400 head have been sprayed
  • Plunge fresh fill – Use 1l/1000l, after every dipping apply 5kg lime per 100 head
  • Sheep – Fresh fill apply 1l/750l water, apply 4kg lime per 750l water after dipping this stabilised dip wash is now suitable for second dipping

Withdrawal period

  • Meat - 7 days
  • Milk - None
  • Goats - Fresh fill apply 1l/750l water, apply 4kg lime 750l water apply after dipping. This stabilised dip wash is now suitable for second dipping.

External parasite remedies (Plunge and spray)

Ecobash (Cymiazol 17.5% m/v / cypermethrin 2.5 m/v - High cis-isomer)

Controls ticks, has a detaching effect, kill cattle lice, controls nuisance flies, biting flies, face flies on cattle. It also protects against cattle screw-worm infestation and is Oxpecker compatible.

  • Cattle - Spray 1.5l/1000l water, boost with 200ml after 100 head sprayed
  • Plunge (Fresh fill) - 1.5l/100l water
  • Plunge (replenishment) - 3l/1000l water
  • Hand spraying - 15ml/10l water

Internal parasite remedies (Round worms)

Economintic 50 - Fenbendazole 5% m/v

A remedy against round worms in cattle, horses, ostriches, as well as tape worms in sheep and goats.

  • Cattle – 1ml/10kg
  • Sheep – 1ml/10 kg (roundworms), 2ml/10kg (Milk tapeworms)
  • Goats – 1ml/10kg (roundworms), 2ml/10kg (Milk tapeworms)
  • Ostrich – 3ml/10kg
  • Horses – 2ml/10kg

Withdrawal period

  • Meat - 7 days
  • Milk - none

Internal parasite remedies


Ecomectin 1% injectable – Ivermectin 1% m/v

Treatment of roundworms in sheep and cattle and parafilaria bovicola (false bruising) and eye worm (Thelazia) in cattle. Kills sucking and biting lice, mange mites, cattle screw – worms and controls blue ticks (Boosphilus spp) and sand tampans on cattle. Kills sheep scab mites, controls Australian itch mites and nasal worm (all stages) in sheep. Kills mange mites (Sarcoptes scabiei var suis) on pigs.

  • Cattle - 1ml/50kg
  • Sheep - 1ml/50kg
  • Pigs - 1ml/30kg

Withdrawal period

  • Meat (Cattle and sheep) - 21 days
  • Meat (Pigs) - 28 days
  • Milk - Not for human consumption

Liver fluke

Ecofluke - Triclabendazole 10% m/v

Liver fluke remedy against immature and adult liver fluke and giant liver fluke in cattle, sheep and goats.

  • Cattle – 6ml/50kg
  • Sheep – 1ml/10kg
  • Goats – 1ml/10kg

Roundworm and liverfluke

Closeco 7.5% - Closantel 7.5%m/v

Liver fluke and roundworm remedy for cattle with residual action against re-infestation pf wireworm, hookworm and nodular worm.

  • Cattle – 1ml/30kg (normal dose), 1ml/15kg (double dose)

Withdrawal period

  • Meat - 30 days
  • Milk - Not for human consumption

In-feed premixes and growth enhancers

Flaveco 80 – Each kg contains 80g flavophospholipol

A performance promoter that is exclusively used in the feed to improve growth and feed conversion in farm animals.


  • Meat - None
  • Milk - None

Wound treatment

Futaspray - Chlorhexidne gluconate 100mg/cetrimide 1.0g/ gentian violet 500mg

Antibacterial and fungicidal wound spray with gentian violet, for the treatment of wound and skin infections. For cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and ostriches.

Expel wound spray – Resins and oils 99.39% m/m /germicide 0.51%/deltamethrin 0,10m/m

A multi-purpose remedy which effectively controls and protects screw-worm/blowfly strike. Promotes healing and kills ticks present at time of application. For cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, horses and chickens.


Kerol veterinary fluid – Phenoloids 190 – 300 degrees celsius, - 33% m/v/ carbolic acid (RW) efficient 10 – 12

General disinfectant for use on farm buildings and equipment.

  • General disinfecting - 1ml/600ml water
  • Sterilising - 1ml/300ml water


  • Pour on applicator 30ml
  • Pour on back pack 5l
  • Allflex tags
  • Total taggers

Afrivet services

Depots have been established at Choma and Ndola for customers' convenience, and Afrivet products are also marketed through agricultural retail outlets, pharmacies and supermarkets. They employ their own veterinarian and fully trained field staff. The field staff, stationed at various centres throughout Zambia, promote the correct use of the company's products and provide technical advice and after sales service.

General information about Afrivet

Trading since 2004, Afrivet Zambia Ltd is part of the Afrivet Group of South Africa, an international organisation involved in animal health. Afrivet Zambia is a one-stop shop for farmers, providing animal health products and environmental health products. All their brands are internationally recognised products, backed by expert technical advice.

The majority of Afrivet's products are manufactured by Ecomed Manufacturing Ltd in Zimbabwe using quality imported raw materials. Others are manufactured by Burchem Research and various other suppliers in South Africa, South America, Europe and Israel.

Animal health products

  • High quality, environmentally friendly products
  • Internationally recognised brands
  • Ectoparasiticides and endoparasiticides
  • Anti-microbials and biologicals
  • Dairy hygiene products
  • Feed enhancers

Environmental health care

Afrivet is the sole distributor of the Ecomed International range of environmental health products, including high quality, environmentally friendly detergents, sanitisers, insecticides and spraying equipment. The company has invested in extensive warehousing to ensure it consistently meets customer needs throughout the country.
Products registered with the Environmental Council of Zambia
Locally based, with international experts available to help
Products in agri outlets, pharmacies and supermarkets

For advise on specific products, contact Afrivet Environmental Health Specialist Lewis Muhwati on email: Technical expertise is provided by qualified environmental health workers, by locally based field staff and by Afrivet's international partners, Bayer Environmental Science in South Africa and Ecomed in Zimbabwe. All relevant products marketed by the company in Zambia are registered with the Environmental Council of Zambia.


Microl white disinfectant - Active ingredient Creosote and carbolic acid


  • Commonly referred to as toilet dip
  • Suitable for disinfecting frequently used toilets and foot/wheel baths in bio security areas like poultry farms, sheds, abattoirs, stables, piggeries, poultry houses, cattle trucks and factories
  • Recommended for drain, urinal, sink and sewer flushing
  • Has excellent disinfecting properties
  • Recommended for use in infectious disease control

Pynol disinfectant/sanitizer – active ingredient benzalkonium chloride 50% (dodigen)/tetra sodium edetate (irgalon ST)


  • High quality antiseptic for the medical profession, personal hygiene and general use
  • This straw-coloured, pine scented disinfectant/sanitizer is suitable for hospital use, office and home ablution facilities
  • It is suitable for use as both a disinfectant and deodorant
  • For household and general hygiene, it is used in flushing drains, sewers, sinks and urinals
  • It is also used for sterilising hands as a germicide
  • Also widely used in infectious disease control

Biodan 62 – active ingredient iodine

A dark reddish-brown biocide detergent for use in bio-security areas in animal husbandry, food and food processing premises.


  • Dairy - utensils, equipment, surface, cleaning and sterilising, cleaning and sterilising of bulk tanks
  • In bio-security areas: foot and wheel baths
  • In disease outbreaks
  • Food processing industries

Bactergent powder – Active ingredient benzalkonium chloride (QAC)

A stable, free flowing, whitish coarse powder containing quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) with combined detergent and bacterial properties and free from any foreign matter.


  • Cleaning and sterilising all dairy equipment and utensils
  • Bakeries and other food processing establishments: cleaning and sterilising
  • Degreasing, cleaning and sterilising abattoir and butchery floors, equipment and utensils
  • Cleaning and sterilising bulk containers, equipment and utensils in opaque beer brewing industry establishments
  • Crocodile ponds – cleaning and sterilising

Afri-biopit (For the biological remediation and maintenance of pit-latrines) – Ingredients proprietary blend of microbes, surfactants and emulsifiers

Direction for use

Mix 2 sachets or more in water – 5l and then add to the pit/long drop. Additional water will assist the bio-activity in neglected pits that have a hard surface cake. If the surface can be broken up with a long stick, this will further assist the efficacy of the treatment. Add 1 sachet weekly as maintenance dose.

Insecticides for crawling insects

Cislin SC – Active ingredient deltamethrin (pyrethroid)

Controls flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, fish moths, tobacco beetles and ants

Maxforce gel

Controls adult and nymphal stages cockroaches

Maxforce IC – Active ingredient Imidacloprid (chloro-nicotinyl) 21.5 g/kg

Controls German cockroaches


10-20 spots/10m2. 3mm in diameter spot equates to 0.25g of bait


Replace gel after 12 weeks or sooner if required

Neopybuthrin fogging oil – Active ingredient permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) 3.0g/l (25/75 cis/trans isomer), d-allethrin (pyrethroid), 1,5g/l/piperonyl butoxide 3.0 g/l

Controls cockroaches, house flies and moths found in bakeries, kitchens, warehouses and food processing plants. Also controls ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes, fish moths, fleas, tobacco beetle and other stored product pests.


  • Misting - flying insects 1l/3000m3
  • Fogging - flying insects 1l/3000m3
  • Crawling insects - 2l/1000m3

Residual action

Up to 1 week

Reskol EC – active ingredient fenitrothio (organophoshate) 533g/l

Controls bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, fleas and mosquito larvae.


Cockroaches, bedbugs and fleas – Initial 250ml Reskol/5l of water and spray harbourages, walls, carpets, floors and cupboards at a rate 5l mix/100m2. Routine 40ml Reskol/l of water and spray interior walls and eaves at a rate of 5l mix per 100m2. Residual 6 months

  • Mosquitoes – Initial 125ml Reskol/5l of water and spray interior walls and eaves at a rate of 5l mix per 100m2. Routine 40ml Reskol/5l of water and spray at a rate of 5l mix/100m2. Residual 3-4 months
  • Ants – 125ml Reskol/5l of water and spray walls and skirting at a rate of 5l mix per 100m2
  • Hides and skin beetles – 35ml/5l of water and spray hides and skins as well as walls and floors
  • Mosquito larvae – 10ml Reskol/5l of water and spray 60-120l mix per hectare of water where average depth is 8cm (where deeper, proportionately increase)

Residual action

6 months

Stored product protection

Shumba Supermax dust – Active ingredients fenitrothion (organosphate) 10g/kg and deltamethrin (pyrethroid) 1.3g/kg

Controls stored grain insect pests including weevils, large and lesser grain borer, moths, dried bean beetles. Also controls ants and cockroaches.


  • Stored grain – Mix 25g of Shumba super dust of shelled grain on a plastic protected or cement plastered surface and mix thoroughly with aid of a shovel.
  • Ants – Sprinkle Shumba onto nest entrances and trails
  • Cockroaches – Sprinkle Shumba freely onto problem areas

Protection period

A single treatment at the time of storage protects stored grain for 12 months

Insecticides for flying insects

Active Wefconatic Aerosol – Active ingredient pyrethrum 15g/kg and piperonyl (synergist) 150g/kg

Wefco Active Wefcomatic Aerosol is a metered insecticide aerosol developed for the control of flies and mosquitoes. Wefco Active Wefcomatic Aerosol is designed for use with the Wefco Active Metered aerosol Dispenser to provide 24 hour control of flies and mosquitoes for a 30 day period under continuous operation.


  • Residential dwellings
  • Commercial and office premises
  • Shopping complexes, supermarkets and retail catering establishment
  • Hospitality industry
  • Food processing, packaging and storage facilities

Coopex Mosquito Larvicide EC – Active ingredient permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) 20g/l (25/75 cis/trans isomer)


Dilute 12.5-25ml of Coopex Mosquito Larvide to 5l of water and apply to aquatic breeding sites using any sprayer fitted with a fan nozzle at a rate of 100l per hectare for every 100mm depth of water and repeat as necessary.


1-2 weeks

Coopex Wettable Powder (WP) – Active ingredient permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) 250g/kg (25/75 cis/trans isomer)

Controls flies, stable flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ants, fishmoths and stored product pests.


  • Flies, stable flies and mosquitoes 25-50g/l water
  • Cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ants and fishmoths 50g/10l water
  • Stored product pests 50g/10l water

Residual action

4 weeks

DY Fly - Fly bait – Active ingredient methomyl (carbamate) 10.00g/kg / tricosene 0.50g/kg

Controls flies


  • Dry bait - Place bait in suitable shallow containers
  • Scatter bait - 300g/50-100m2
  • Stick on method - Coat ceiling tiles/similar white board with egg white and sprinkle bait over
  • Liquid bait - Mix one part bait/one part water


Re-treat weekly or sooner if required

Rodent control

Finale Rat and Mouse Pellets – Active ingredient difethialone (anti-coagulant) 0.025g/kg

Controls rats and mice


  • Rats – Place 50-75g per bait station every 5-10m
  • Mice – Place 15-20g per bait station every 2-4m

Regularly check bait stations and replenish as necessary

Finale Rat and Mouse Wax Blocks – Active difethialone (anti-coagulant) 0.025g/kg

Controls rats and mice


  • Rats - Heavy infestations place 3-4 blockser bait station every 5-10m or (50m2)
  • Permanent baiting - place 1 block per bait station every 5-10m or (50m2)
  • Mice - Place 1 block per bait station every 2-4m or (10m2)

Termite control:

  • Premise – available in 1Lt

Hudson X-Pert Sprayer

  • Pressure sprayer for use in application of all water based insecticides
  • Spares are readily available

Hudson X-Pert Spares kit

One set contains enough spares to service 10 (ten) pumps

Maxforce Gel Applicator

  • A special gun used in the application of Maxforce Gel, IC and Quantum
  • Made of chemical resistant plastic
  • Has a stainless steel stem with adjustable screw
  • Simple to use
  • Ideally suitable for every serviceman in a PCO team

Trombone sprayer

  • Powerful slide pump action
  • 72’’ hose with large filter drops directly into chemical bucket
  • Includes extension
  • Adjustable brass cone nozzle – adjusts from fine mist to long distance stream, multi-directional
  • Sturdy no-slip grips
  • Long-lasting nickel plated brass pump

Other equipment

  • Afrivet purple syringe
  • Fly catcher

Environmental health products

  • High quality, environmentally friendly products
  • Insecticides and spraying equipment
  • Malaria rapid diagnostic tests
  • Relevant products registered with the Environmental Council of Zambia

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