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Focused on giving exclusive advantages to buyers and sellers, Homenet offers a wide selection of agricultural land, tourism sites, and lodges. The company ensures that it provides each client with professional support and guidance through their transactions. Homenet has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to deliver.
Roan Park offers small holdings together with a land purchase plan enabling you to have your own land without the need for immediate payment, additional collateral or expensive borrowing - an opportunity to farm and at the same time create a legacy for your family. Plots for immediate occupation come as standard 2 Ha, with some boundary plots being +/- 2 Ha in size.
If you desire to buy or rent farmland, Pam Golding will assist you with managing your property investment. The company will conduct feasibility and viability studies on your behalf. Pam Golding serve to provide clients with the necessary professionalism and care which they deserve by ensuring the client enjoys a unique property experience.
Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease agricultural land and property, Fairworld Properties are a professional, full-service real estate company specialising in the sale of commercial farms and industrial properties. The company takes pride in their ability to provide unparalleled customer service to a diverse clientele.
Developed by CPD Properties, a leading property and real estate agent, Roma Park is a corporate property development of international standards with long-term investment value. The company commissioned both Zambian and international architects to develop its design and construction.
Working with agricultural specialists, this company specialises in the selling of land for various farming activities. Luck One Enterprise and Property also offers a wide selection of farm houses for sale or rent. Their team ensures that they offer expert advice, recommending a piece of land that meets your agricultural requirements.
Zambian farmland is becoming increasingly popular as an investment and Seeff Properties Zambia has an investment department with a professional team in the market specialising in the acquisition of farmland, other agricultural investments and information in areas such as tourist land areas like national parks.

Agricultural land and property in Zambia

The category includes land on sale for commercial or subsistence farming and all agricultural property for sale. Companies or organisations offering this will be listed here. All land in Zambia is leasehold and therefore consent of the state is required to purchase land. This applies to Zambians as well as non-Zambians. Work with companies that will give professional property services and advice about the investment opportunities in Zambia and the future of the property market. Services include information on development opportunities, farms, tourism sites and lodges for sale or rent, valuations, property management and consulting.