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Optic fiber department

In response to digital needs expanding and demanding high-speed connectivity, Lusaka Telecom Solutions offers fiber optics communications in Zambia. Their engineers and technicians provide services such as installation, product support, repair and maintenance.
New and cost-effective solutions for network operators and users
Meet the industry’s demand for highly-skilled telecom professionals
Innovative, efficient and reliable products

Optic fiber deployment and maintenance

When it comes to fiber optic deployment, Lusaka Telecom Solutions are the experts, bringing fiber point-of-presence as close as possible to your business or home. This is critical for network performance and user experience, to meet today's complex connection requirements.

Lusaka Telecom Solutions' deployment activities are driving fiber optics out to remote places, opening up new business opportunities in Zambia by connecting public buildings, enterprises, and homes. With more than 20 years of deploying fiber optic networks across Africa, the company brings world-class fiber optic deployment techniques to Zambia.


In order to maintain Optic fiber networks, Lusaka Telecom Solutions use experienced engineers in various fields of specialty to deliver quality services. The company has set up the standards matching the worlds best optic fiber maintenance around the globe.

Benefits of using Lusaka Telecom Solutions:

  • Low fiber optic maintenance cost
  • Interference resistance - being glass-based, fiber optics do not conduct electricity that helps to do away with the grounding requirements
  • Safety and efficiency in handling optic fiber is their number one priority
  • Fiber optic generally use advanced technology that is powerful than the copper cables, Lusaka Telecom has the expertise in the field

Optic fiber material supply

Lusaka Telecom Solutions offers a complete line of competitive and cost-effective fiber optic products. It supplies bulk cable, cable assemblies, cable management products, cable connectors, fiber splicing materials, outside plant testing equipment and many more tools, all from top brand manufacturers. This includes fiber optic testers and testing kits that will help you troubleshoot your optic networks during and after installation. Its fiber enclosures include racks and both in house and outside enclosures. Fiber patch panels are available and can be customised to fit virtually any fiber optic application.

Lusaka Telecom Solutions provides Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solutions including cabling, closures, ODF and other fiber optic connectivity products. The company aims to achieve maximum capacity within a minimum capacity space as well as a range of implementation and testing equipment for faster, effective installations.

Lusaka Telecom Solutions supply the following fiber optic accessories:

  • Fiber optic cables (ADSS, ABF and traditional)
  • Fiber optic - Ethernet media converters
  • Fiber optic ODF
  • Fiber optic patch cords
  • Fiber optic accessories - Patch panels, closures and more
  • Civil work materials - Ducts and more
  • OPGW closures and more
  • FTTH ducts


  • OSP (Cabling underground) - Civil works, cable works, and ABF



  • Splicing and termination
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Cable pulling

The scope of optical fiber cable works includes the following:

  • Route survey
  • Total design
  • Row permissions
  • Trenching and associated civil works
  • Horizontal directional drilling and boring works

Supply, installation, and commissioning of:

  • HDPE, GI, RCC, DWC, and PVC pipes
  • Cables (OF & Cu), splice closures, FMS
  • Chambers, manholes, hand holes, splicing of cables, earthing and link testing, As-built and operation and maintenance of OFC cables

Backbone network

Lusaka Telecom Solutions has a wide experience in implementing major OFC projects in record time. The company has executed a lot of projects in Egypt and in Africa countries.

Lusaka Telecom Solutions offers the following services:

  • Route Survey and design, preparation of BOQ, row permissions
  • Trenching, ducting and backfilling, aerial cabling, the supply of materials
  • Cable pulling, duct integrity test, fusion splicing, fiber termination

Survey and digitized maps

The survey digitised maps will contain the following information:

  • The relative position of the proposed OFC route with respect to existing cables
  • Marking of rocky, submerged and normal soil terrain
  • Marking of crossing locations and type of proposed crossing detail HDD, open cut, and boring, etc
  • Marking of offset availability
  • Geographical coordinates for all crossing HDPE duct coupling and OFC
  • Jointing locations
  • Assessment of required materials
  • Identifying critical points
  • Demarcation of row

Networking and security

Lusaka Telecom Solutions provides carriers, banks, government institutions, utility companies and NGOs with optic fiber deployment. This is done through high-quality optic service solutions focusing on FTTx, enabling fast deployment, easy network maintenance, high performance, and operational excellence.

Network consulting services

Lusaka Telecom Solutions help enterprises develop an architectural roadmap comprising designing, integrating, and implementing technology solutions that are mapped to business goals.

Installation and configuration services

Lusaka Telecom Solutions has expertise in helping enterprises install, configure, integrate, optimise and validate networking solutions.

Power upgrades on network sites

Lusaka Telecom upgrades solutions to ensure the proper, uninterrupted functioning of all network equipment. As new technologies and services are rolled out, network power requirements and demands are constantly changing. Network power systems must keep pace with equipment changes, upgrades and additions if network operational integrity is to be maintained. Their Power upgrade solutions give clients the assurance that facilities will remain in continuous operation even during a commercial power interruption.

Microwave solutions

A cost-effective means for maximising data capacity in next-generation wireless networks. Lusaka Telecom Solutions handles the complete range of tasks needed to implement turnkey microwave backhaul networks and is proudly maintaining turnkey microwave backhaul networks for MTN Zambia Microwave backhaul, including ethernet over the microwave.

Lusaka Telecom Solutions recommends microwave solutions where fiber infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient, where the wireless network operator has access to the necessary spectrum, and/or where the wireless network operator wishes to eliminate recurring fiber service charges.


As a world-class fiber-optic service provider, Lusaka Telecom Solutions offers end-to-end solutions for the complete life cycle of turnkey fiber optic solutions. The company provides project management and engineering services of supplying, planning, surveying, designing, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of fiber optic solutions.

Moreover, it provides its clients with outstanding service in deploying tower construction, optical fiber and solar installation with the optimum cost and high quality.


Lusaka Telecom Solutions aims to be the telecom provider of choice through building long term partnerships and alliances with their customers, providing the best services available, hence, becoming one of the top telecom players in Africa and the Middle East

Why choose Lusaka Telecom Solutions?

Lusaka Telecom Solutions offers fully integrated solutions for fiber optics communications in Zambia and has optic coverage in Mpika, Kasama, Kitwe, Lusaka as well as other provinces in the country. Their team has vast experience in FTTx design, cost-effective network optimisation, network integration, testing, and commissioning.

Recently, Lusaka Telecom Solutions has merged with a construction company to offer tower construction as well as 4G installation.

Lusaka Telecom Solutions provides carriers, banks, government institutions, utility companies and NGOs with optic fiber deployment by providing them with high-quality optic service solutions focusing on FTTx, enabling fast deployment, easy network maintenance, high performance, and operational excellence.

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Power meters are part of the toolbox essentials for all technicians installing or maintaining any type of fiber networks. There are general-purpose power meters, semi-automated ones, as well as power meters optimized for certain types of networks, such as FTTx or LAN/WAN architectures. It’s a matter of choosing the right gear for the need. In-Line Optical Power Meter Option Some OTDRs are also equipped with the in-line optical power meter option.
Innovation is front and center at EXFO, and the iOLM is a prime example of a game-changing solution. The iOLM lets you take advantage of the full power of your OTDR, bringing automation to a new level—and enabling even the untrained technician to become a test expert in no time.
OTDRs are at the core of EXFO’s optical expertise. Leading the OTDR market with a 48% market share and the broadest OTDR portfolio, EXFO offers an OTDR built smart for any type of network. Based on field knowledge and 20 years of OTDR expertise this is in line with our goal to bring the world class telecommunication solutions to Zamba. EXFO’s OTDRs are designed to meet network operators’ latest requirements. Combining intelligence and accuracy with user-friendliness, our solutions require minimal training and provide you with measurements you can trust, minimising truck rolls and accelerating workflow in the field. With numerous singlemode and multimode configurations available at several wavelengths, our OTDRs come in handheld or modular formats.
EXFO Multilink connects multiple users to multiple EXFO modules and multiple LTB-8 platforms remotely through a web browser. Two configurations available - standalone or managed infrastructure for simultaneous multi-user control. Centralised management with global view of all platforms and modules without an external server. Powerful, scalable, eight-slot rackmount platform. Web based GUI viewer with no software installation required. Hot swappable enabling quick transition of modules from platform to platform, or from rackmount platform to portable platform without powering down. Detailed management information with status and allocation information per user.

Tower construction

Lusaka Telecom's qualified technical staff and subcontractors carry out network design, project management, installation, commissioning, integration and optimisation of all major suppliers’ base stations, base station controllers and transcoders. Antenna optimization forms part of the integration and optimisation process.
Professional tower construction
Company has presence in all the provinces of Zambia
Emergency telecommunications teams always available

Telecommunications cable and line workers have an unusual and admirable job. Climbing pylons is not for the faint of heart and whether it is a monopole, a free-standing or guyed tower, it takes skilled technicians with rigor and professionalism to install and maintain wireless networks and telecommunications towers. At Lusaka Telecom Solutions, they have such a team.

Normally set up to work in teams of two, Lusaka Telecom has a presence in all the provinces of Zambia. Line and cable workers must install, test and make sure everything is running well with telecommunications equipment. This includes:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Installing new equipment
  • Constructing complete or temporary sites
  • Moving equipment when required
  • Dismantling sites

At Lusaka Telecom, their clients truly matter and they have emergency telecommunications teams available on call, every weekend.

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Security systems

Lusaka Telecom Solutions supplies and installs CCTV as well as other advanced security systems. The systems are designed to meet the client's specific needs, location and play a vital role in monitoring and securing premises. All products are sourced from reputable manufacturers.
Leaders in the electronic security environment
Enables the tracking of workers' performance and attendance
CCTV systems provide enhanced and continuous security monitoring

By being able to monitor and record all the activities within a facility, Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) play an important role in administration and security management. These systems are ideal for factories, corporate houses, departmental stores, scientific laboratories, hospitals, government institutions, etc.

Lusaka Telecom Solutions are leaders in the electronic security environment, designing and implementing world-class security systems. Meeting customers' needs, they provide advanced security systems that play a vital role in monitoring and securing premises, with video analytic features, motion detection, audio detection and anti-tampering. Lusaka Telecom Solutions can install a well-designed system with quality cameras both fixed and mobile. With the use of the internet, these systems are capable of remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world.

The highly-trained security specialists are ready to help you make informed decisions about the best product offerings in today’s rapidly growing security market place. The company specialises in the design, implementation, and support of security systems.

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Contact information

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Mwaimwena Road, Beit Road, Lusaka
5 Mwaimwena Road, Beit Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:00
+260 963 040605, +260 968 695038

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