Primary school

The Pestalozzi Primary School, inspired by Swiss educationalist Johann Pestalozzi, promotes both high academic attainment and practical skills – the philosophy of head, heart and hands, with a hands on approach to learning. The school is located in a beautiful and quiet environment and offers quality primary education.
An ethos of passion, tolerance, caring and service to the community
Outstanding education for head, heart and hands
Quality primary education with access to ICT

Pestalozzi Education Centre provides an education for life:

  • Promoting co-operation among students through an appreciation of the diversity of cultural, social and religious beliefs
  • Promoting peaceful co-existence and the highest moral values
  • Providing life skills for personal growth and development of the communities from which pupils come from

Curriculum and class sizes

Pestalozzi Education Centre offers the Zambian curriculum. Throughout the school the maximum number of pupils in each class is 25.

Academic achievement

The average score for Grade 7 results in 2015 was 794, with all 32 students entered achieving results between 734 to 835 marks. The average for Grade 9 in 2015 was 432, with three pupils scoring above 500 and a top score of 517.

School hours and transport

Pupils attend school from 07:15 hrs to 15:30 hrs or 16.30 hrs depending on the days of the week. There are five bus routes covering the whole of Lusaka with pick up points including town, Great East Road, Ndeke Meanwood, Chilenje, Burma Road, Woodlands, Crossroads, Nyumbayanga, Airport Roundabout, Kalingalinga, Avondale, Chainda, Twin Palms, Ibex Hill, Kabulonga and Longacres.

Secondary school

The Pestalozzi Secondary School provides international educational standards for pupils. All the teachers are highly qualified and are constantly developing their skills using international practices from the US and UK. The school offers extensive science and computer labs for secondary pupils and is a centre for GCE examinations.
GCE examination centre
Science and computer labs
Highly qualified teachers

Curriculum, class sizes and streaming

Throughout the school the maximum number of pupils in each class is 25. The school has 2 to 3 streams operating in each year group based on pupils' ability in Science, English and Mathematics. Education at the school is in line with the Pestalozzi philosophy of head, heart and hands, with a hands on approach to learning.

Science labs

The school has new science labs, one each for physics, biology and chemistry, with up to date equipment.

Computers and technology

The schools computer lab has desktop PCs for a full class of 25. In addition the school has tablet computers for use in classrooms.

Contact information

Twin Palms Road, Ibex Hill, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 978950599, +260 963 755677
Open today: 07:15-16:30
PostNet 194, PBag E835, Lusaka

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