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Batoka Sky’s microlight and ultralight flights offer unique and breath-taking views of the Victoria Falls and the spectacular gorge that the mighty Zambezi River has carved into the surrounding landscape over many thousands of years. Book now and feel the thundering river and the incredible power of the falls.

Micro flights

Microlight flights in Zambia

Microlight flights are small one-or two-man aircrafts that come in two variations; flex wing and fixed wing. The flex wing microlight flights are mostly recognised due to their 'motorbike with wings' appearance, whereas the fixed wing aircrafts are more like miniature planes. Both offer incredible panoramic views and a feeling of closeness with the sky around you-making a particularly unique flying experience! Companies that offer microlight flights in Zambia include Sigo Adventures & Tours, Batoka Sky Microlights, Wild Side Tours & Safaris and Livingstone's Adventure.

Microlight flights in Zambia offer unique and breathtaking views of the mighty Victoria Falls and the spectacular gorge that the Zambezi River has carved into the surrounding landscape over many thousands of years. This is an experience of a lifetime for people who are not afraid of heights. The Victoria Falls microlight flight takes off from the Maramba Aerodrome just outside Livingstone town, and are at the magnificent falls within about a minute. Highly qualified engineers carry out all aircraft servicing with many years of experience providing the microlight flights with an excellent safety record. Microlight flights in Zambia are stable and are enjoyable and exciting for all ages.

No cameras are allowed for safety reasons but there is a wing mounted camera which is operated by the pilot and photographs are available for purchase at the end of the flight. This wing mounted camera is very effective and also allows the pilot to take pictures of you with the magnificent falls as the background, a unique beautiful portrait and memory that will last you a lifetime. The experienced pilot will take pictures of the most attractive areas along the flight path, but you can also request for specific shots. You will have an amazing experience sitting back relaxing as you just observe, taking in this beautiful scenery, without having to worry about capturing it.