Fortified with essential minerals and nutrients that may not be easily available in soil in the right amount, NWK Agri-Services distributes an array granulated, compacted and liquid fertilisers, all from leading manufacturers. NWK not only offers a product range that meets all crop nutrition needs, but also crop-specific advice.
In order to reduce soil acidity due to heavy use of nitrogen-containing fertilisers, apply high quality Mirama agricultural lime to fields. Their agricultural lime is subject to strict internal quality control measures and further verification to ensure it is of the highest standard.
Neelkanth Lime has set up a lime plant in Ndola with various manufacturing divisions to produce quality lime based products. These products include quick lime, aggregate lime, hydrated lime, crushed lime powder, agricultural lime and limestones.
Zambian Fertilizers produces quality fertiliser products using improved technology. This company provides good customer service and an efficient delivery service. An in house agronomist can provide customers with professional advice and application guidelines. The company conducts regular fertiliser trials across Zambia.
For easy handling and transporting convenience, Turtle Lime is packaged in 50 kg bags. Turtle Agro Mining maintains a stock of more than 2000 tons of stock at all times in order to promptly respond to customer requirements. Ground agricultural limestone should be applied to the soil at rates determined by soil test.