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Security systems

IOSAT Communication Services Zambia designs and implements technological security solutions for various customers. They can supply the full solution cycle starting from threat assessment to design and implementation. IOSAT’s systems are designed for different environments and connectivity capabilities.
Design and implementation of technological security solutions
Cameras, controllers and software
Systems support web and mobile interaction

IOSAT Communication Services Zambia integrates the most advanced and reliable solutions from different vendors to provide a sophisticated comprehensive solution.

This company is leveraging its expertise in communication and IT systems to enable its customers remote view and control of their assets from any point on the globe at all times.


Security cameras

  • A wide array of surveillance cameras and solutions (Analog and IP)
  • Solutions for remote monitoring including smart phone agents
  • Thermal and low light sensors (cameras and binoculars) for night vision
  • Long range PTZ cameras
  • Video analytics such as license plate and face recognition, intrusion detection, people counting and tracking

Perimeter security/burglary alarms

  • Intelligent front end video processors
  • IR beam/Microwave sensors
  • 360º and sector radars for detecting humans and vehicles from long distances (several km)
  • Full integration with PTZ cameras with slew to cue capabilities (automatically directing the camera to the exact intruder location)
  • Their burglary alarm system is completely wireless helping to reduce installations cost and enables simple and flexible installation

Access and attendance control

  • Advance and reliable controllers and readers supporting; face recognition, finger print, smart cards and long range RFID proximity technologies
  • Full reporting and audit trails capabilities
  • Seamless integration with CCTV and alarm systems
  • Wireless readers (Wi-Fi and GSM based)
  • Portable time & attendance readers

Wireless locks

Wireless keys and cylinders for remote locations eliminating the needs for power supply. The IOSAT locking system is a wire free, high security electromechanical locking solution that gives you real control over all your access points. It allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders, padlocks and keys.

Fleet management and tracking systems

IOSAT offers sophisticated remote tracking and monitoring solutions. The company provides complete solutions, including software and hardware solutions for real-time GPS and satellite tracking and monitoring. Among their solutions are fleet management and vehicle security applications

Fuel security and management

This company offers a fully automated fuel control system with real-time monitoring and control of the fuel distribution and consumption. This solution includes real time accurate measurement of received fuel custody transfer, fuel inventory level of holding tanks, and permission-based distribution to fuel consumers.

IOSAT Communication Services Zambia offers enables you to take control of your fuel distribution system and makes sure that loss is minimised (theft and leakage).

This company helps its customers to achieve the goal of managing their fuel inventory in all distribution phases, making sure that what is purchased – received – delivered – and consumed is monitored, all in real time.


IOSAT Communication Services Zambia offers a portfolio of versatile satellite communication services built on field proven best of breed technology. The company also designs and delivers a wide range of wireless systems such as WiFi distribution, microwaves links and point to multi-point systems.
Versatile satellite communication services
Packages include equipment, installation, bandwidth and support
Solutions are engineered to deliver high data rates

IOSAT Communication Services Zambia provides turn-key packages that include all the equipment, installation, bandwidth, and 24/7 support as an integrated solution. Their systems are designed to support an array of data networking, digital telephony, broadband Internet access, and real-time video requirements. To meet the different needs and wants of their clients, IOSAT offers tailored services and customised networks.

IOSAT Communication Services Zambia is committed to providing integrated satellite communication solutions to companies across all industries, as well as individuals. Their solutions are engineered to deliver high data rates and are reliable.

Managed network services

  • Design, implement and daily manage private data networks
  • Technology Agnos-c: Satellite, DSL/Cable, MPLS, WiMax/WiFi, GSM/3G
  • Tailored support contracts
  • 100% coverage of Africa
  • Disaster recovery
  • Superior Service for demanding operations
  • NOC and 24/7 technical support centre
  • Load balancing and traffic service
  • Periodic network and traffic analysis vs SLA
  • Possibility to create rule-based usage
  • Real time automation disaster recovery
  • Recommendations for further optimisation
  • Status and abuse reports
  • Possibility for network segmentation

Disaster immuned network solution

  • Integrated remote terminal supporting DSL/Satellite/3G for different network size SOHO to SMB
  • Automatic switch-over increases network availability

VOIP (Voice Over IP)

IOSAT Communication Services Zambia offers a wide array of Voice Over IP services as well as IP Telephony systems. The company operates an advanced VoIP platform offering a full suite of telephony solutions at attractive prices. Their customers can view and control their phone accounts on line through IOSAT’s advanced web interface.

IOSAT’s VoIP services enables great savings to organisations, allowing them to virtualise the workplace. Using their solutions, managers can save money on calls made and received while traveling. This company allows its customers maximum flexibility in directing and forwarding incoming and outgoing calls.

Wireless links

IOSAT has years of experience designing and implementing wireless networks and links for various applications. The company offers clients multiple sites on the same location (such as mines, co-located offices and multiple residences), or distribution needs (such as on-board internet cafe), an extension of the backbone communication network via Wi-Fi or microwave links.

The wireless links are connecting the main site that operates as a hub and distributes the data and voice services to nearby sites.

IT services

This company offers an extensive range of IT services including communication infrastructure, maintenance of computing systems, server management, cloud computing and cyber security. IOSAT Communication Services Zambia provides dedicated solutions for each customer - depending on its size, needs, and unique characteristics.
An extensive range of IT services
A short response time and professional service
A proficient team of technicians

Each business requires different IT solutions depending on its operations and complexity. IOSAT Communication Services Zambia offers packages that include the whole range of professional services: networks and computing systems design, remote support, on-site hardware fault repair, IT and integration solutions.

Other packages include: data security and backup, servers consolidation, migration and virtualisation, design and construction of telecommunication infrastructure, improvement and optimisation of the existing infrastructure, software and hardware solutions, email services + spam filtering and cloud services.

IOSAT is committed to short response time and professional service at the highest level of competency. The company has a support center which is always available as well as on-site professional support. IOSAT also offers a 24/7 extended support "around the clock", if required.

Service contracts offered


A fixed cost agreement that provides a comprehensive support and maintenance including all the available services. Retainer customers are served at the highest priority and will receive the fastest response.

Hours bank

Purchasing an agreed upon bank of support hours allows the customer to receive the service at any time on the basis of the lowest hourly labour cost. This service has a priority over the service call.

Service call

This service contract involves a service without an agreement and subject to availability. Price is determined in accordance with the scope of work. A fee will be charged by the hour according to the price list.

IOSAT’s service approach

Preliminary mapping

A one-time activity performed before signing a service contract. As part of this process, IOSAT performs initial mapping of existing stations and equipment at the customer’s premises. The mapping is done for each site and includes accurate counting and labeling of all stations, network devices and servers. At the end of the process, they recommend which actions should be taken in order to ensure the quality and integrity of the computing network.

Installation of control and security components

In coordination with the customer, this company performs the necessary installations of security components (if needed) such as antivirus programs and firewalls, as well as monitoring and control software.

Ongoing maintenance

The maintenance activity includes maintenance of the servers, network devices and stations, as well as preventive maintenance and remote installation and upgrade of software.

Maintenance includes all the steps required to locate and repair equipment failures, proactively and in response to the service call.

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Ngwerere Road, Lusaka
187A Ngwerere Road, Roma, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:00
+260 977 777274

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