Fishing in Zambia

Fishing is often possible at Zambia safari destinations, with fishing day trips on offer and Zambia lake destinations have lake fishing charters available. Fishing safari holidays are also available in Zambia, tiger fishing in the Zambezi River is very popular. The river also offers great fishing for tasty bream, chessa and vundu. As an angler, you must be prepared to travel long distances over rough roads, carrying your gear. There are very few hotels and lodges off the main roads, and fewer still in fishing areas, though the Zambia National Tourism Board is conducting a successful campaign for more hotels and rest houses, particularly the lodges in the national parks, where good fishing is to be had on the rivers. The best months for angling in Zambia are September through to November and March through to June, however, due to the high temperatures experienced in the Zambezi Valley, fishing is practically a year round past-time!

Most of Zambia’s rivers are either heavily wooded right down to the water or are swamp-edged, so the addition of a boat and outboard motor to the camp equipment is a great idea. Canoes and paddlers can be hired, and the latter are usually good guides to the best fishing grounds. If you do not have a fishing rod with you - no problem, you can also hire one. Paddling in rivers can be a dangerous pastime, and hippos, especially with calves, should be given a wide berth. All fishing techniques used during the sessions are aimed to respect the fish, allowing anglers who wish to release their catch without traumatising the fish and in the best possible conditions.

Depending on your needs and skill level, you can choose to be guided while fishing or not. As a beginner and wishing to acquire sufficient skill and knowledge to be able to fish on your own, operators have employed highly trained instructors. Thanks to their technical advice and knowledge of fishing gestures, habits and movements of the fish, you will save a considerable amount of time during training. They will advise you on the best equipment to be used, bait, fishing sites and also methods of exploring and organising your activity. If you are an experienced angler who wishes to benefit from a good overall view of the potential fisheries system of the region and its particularities and also to deepen your knowledge, instructors will take into account your level of skill and help you avoid losing time due to a lack of knowledge of the area. They will give you easy access to the best spots of the moment.

Fishing techniques include:

  • Trolling: Trolling of lures or spoons is a common and enjoyable method, allowing the fisherperson to enjoy a day's fishing while still cruising the lake shore for wildlife.
  • Bottom fishing using bait: This method is usually the most productive and more than a dozen species are commonly caught on a day out. This usually involves starting out at the crack of dawn to purchase bait from local kapenta fishermen returning after a night's fishing.
  • Fly fishing: While still untouched by the fly fishing community, Tanganyika offers unparalled freshwater fly fishing. Fairly heavy rods and fast sinking line are essential with nile perch, nkupi and tigerfish most commonly sought.
  • Spinning: From either the rocky shores or the comfort of your boat, this technique can be extremely exciting as the crystal clear waters allows you to see the fish as they take the lures.
  • Spearfishing: This is used by divers with experience and their own equipment.

Take a trip to one of Zambia’s fishing destinations and experience the very best fishing. Whether it be an individual or group fishing day trip, Zambian operators cater to your unique requirements, providing an ultimate fishing adventure. When you book a fishing trip, operators focus on making sure that you have the most enjoyable time possible, guides make sure your activity is safe, fun and memorable.